How To Fix The Volume Control On The Windows 7 Taskbar

You may encounter an error code indicating the volume control on the Windows 7 taskbar. Well, there are several ways to fix this problem, so we will look at them shortly.

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    Don’t you also hate when you have to adjust the volume of your hard drive only to find that there is no image on the taskbar? Here’s a little tip I thought I’d write because it usually takes up my space all the time! The process of getting your fertility symbol back isn’t all that difficult, so let’s get started! Unfortunately, this depends on the operating framework you are using. In this article, I mention Windows XP and Windows 7/8.

    Windows XP Volume Icon

    How do I get the volume control on my taskbar Windows 7?

    Access the control panel you created from the start menu.Enter “volume icon” in the search box.In the results that appear, under the heading “Notification area icons”, click “Show or display the volume (speaker) icon on the entire taskbar.”

    Click “Start” then “Control Panel” to access your computer settings:

    Next, look at the Sounds and Audio Devices icon in the Control Panel. If you don’t see the icon, you may be in category view. Switch to classic view by clicking on the first leftmost option.

    Personally, I like Classic Better Notice because it makes it easier to quickly get the desired result. When the Families dialog opens, be sure to click the Volume tab.

    You may see that the “Place the volume icon only on the taskbar” option is checked or unchecked. If it is already activated, and the icon is not at the top, you need to deactivate the engine, and then click “Apply”. Check the box again and then click Apply again. Your icon should now reappear on the taskbar.

    Windows 7/8 Volume Icon

    In Windows 7 and Windows 8, the taskbar is usually heavily redesigned, so the process is completely different. Also, in Windows 7/8, taskbar tokens can now be combined. It’s just to secosave space and make your taskbar less cluttered. This is fine, but your volume icon might actually just be in the collected icons and not your own taskbar tattoo, so check that first. You will always drag the icon from the media to the main panel or taskbar of a specific section.

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  • On Windows 7/8, if you go to Control Panel and click Sounds, you won’t see all the checkboxes for adding an icon to the taskbar, you’ll see all audio inputs and outputs on a particular system.

    This makes sense because the taskbar icon should normally be controlled by taskbar settings. In Windows 7/8, to hide or show the asterisk, you need to configure some kind of taskbar. To do this, simply right-click anywhere on the taskbar and select “Properties”.

    volume control system tray windows 7

    You should now look at the Customize button in the notification area.

    In the chat window with the taskbar icon, owners should check two things. First, make sure the volume icon behavior is set to Show icons and notifications.

    volume control system tray windows 7

    Then, to go to the bottom of the screen, swipe forward and tap Turn the token system on or off.

    How do I show the volume control on my taskbar?

    In the collage, on the taskbar below the notification area, click the Turn the system on or off icon. The new panel shows where to enable and disable the various human system icons. Make sure all volume controls are turned on. Restart Windows and see if the sound icon appears on the taskbar again.

    Here it is! Sometimes this happens frequently, especially when restarting the computer or turning off the log. If the sound icon keeps disappearing, everyone needs to update their sound card driver. You can take care of this by going to the IT websites of the industry companies and downloading the situation from there, like Dell support or something else. If you have any questions please leave a comment. Good luck!


    If you’re running a Windows or Windows 8 operating system on a corporate network, and someone’s laptop is on a domain controlled by crazed administrators who for some reason decide to disconnect the taskbar from your taskbar rack, you’ll have much the same situation as below.

    In fact, some may have experimented with the “combined” icons feature, which allows some of the standard status bar icons we’ve known since Windows 98/XP to not be permanently displayed to save space. Undoubtedly, this the feature is nice because it sometimes catches the eye when there is a ton of apps constantly on the right taskbar of a person (the right taskbar is at the bottom), but when most of the active domain administrators did this without any notification, and that they are in the group of victims can hate you especially because this behavior prevents the person from easily controlling your headphones and microphone.

    If you enable Live in Control Panel and click the Sounds menu in Windows 7/8, no one sees the checkbox to recircle the icon, as I intended, but instead sees all the audio files you can find. They are only general inputs and outputs to new system settings.

    This behavior was made out of common sense, since Win XP (if I’m not mistaken) essentially requires our taskbar icons to be controlled through the taskbar preferences window.

    To remove the missing icon in Winblows 7/Win 8, there is a brand new taskbar properties feature that allows you to hide or show the selected taskbar that is running applications inthat edition, using the volume icon, so remove the volume control speaker icon. in the system tray which you need to customize.

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