Steps To Resolve Sonicwall VPN Client Error Could Not Find Mac Address Issue

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    You may encounter an error saying that the Sonicwall VPN client cannot find the Mac address error. It turns out that there are several different ways to solve this problem, and we will return to this in a bit. If you can’t find the Mac fight, you need to reinstall the related VPN client software. Basically, the network adapter that Sonicwall uses to select is missing or corrupted.

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    GVC: log says “Could not find MAC address 00:60:73:xx:xx:xx in system interface table”



    SonicWall Global VPN Client (GV) application immediately enables the virtual adapter when the port is initialized and disables it if the connection is not maintained or if the connection is disconnected.

    The “Unable to successfully find MAC address 00:60:73:xx:xx:xx for system interface table” error when browsing logs occurs when GVC software actually detects that the target cannot access SonicWall Firewall for IKE Stage 1.

    There are several answers to why the GVC software is unable to complete an IKE phase 1 transaction. This document discusses some of the most common in and some methods of their elimination are described. solve these big problems.

    1. This can happen if the GroupVPN WAN policy is disabled in the SonicWall firewall software, or if the Enable VPN feature is disabled (VPN is always disabled).

    VPN page > Settings

    1. Try to recreate and remove VPN transmission in GVC.

    – Open the Sonicwall VPN Global Client.
    – Right-click on an existing connection, select “Delete” and you can create a new connection.
    – Activate the connection and try to connect.

    2. The antivirus software is blocking the gvc connection (the firewall function of the antivirus software).
    3. Windows Firewall is blocking the GVC connection.

    – Try updating your NIC to the latest driver.
    – Test using wired NICs instead of wireless adapters.
    – If you have NICs, only test Temporarily disable the card and everything else.

    5. Third party VPN software installed on whomcomputer client or not completely remote.

    – An example of an upstream router: the client side may not allow outgoing traffic from a UDP 500 website.

    – Uninstall GVC using Global VPN Client Clean Up Tool (GVC bit and 32 64 bit) and reinstall GVC as local administrator.

    8. Remove the SonicWall virtual adapter from “Bridge Network” by right-clicking and selecting “Remove Bridge Origin”.

    9.Npcap Uninstall the SonicWall Virtual Network Adapter Package (NPCAP) driver if you have one.

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