Troubleshooting Tips Windows 7 Error When Inserting A Smart Card

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    In the past few days, some users have encountered an error where Windows 7 was unable to insert a smart card. This problem can occur for many reasons. Now we will discuss them. Try inserting the smart card reader into another computer and see if it still works. You can also update all Windows drives on your computer and then start over.

    insert smart card windows 7 error

    This article provides a solution to an error that occurs when inserting a smart card into a reader.

    Applies to: Windows Service 7 Pack 1, Windows Server R2 next year
    Original KB Number: 976832


    When customers insert a smart card into a specific smart card reader, Windows attempts to download and install smart account mini-drivers for the card through Plug and Play Services. If the smart card driver is not available in any of the pre-configured locations such as Windows Update, WSUS, or intranet paths, and the system does not have a permanently professional looking CSP installed, you will receive the following error message in the notification area:

    insert smart card windows 7 error

    The device driver software may not have installed successfully

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    In addition, some smart card devices are rated DNF (Driver Not Found) in Device Manager under Other Devices.

    In many cases, x To correct this type of error, the user needs to obtain one of the following documents from the smart card issuer:

    1. Registered Windows Smart Playing Card mini-driver.
    2. Custom Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) from Smart the card.Windows
    3. cheap mini card driver without logo.
    4. Other middleware, such as a powerful ActiveX control, PKCS#11 software, or many specialized programs.

    However, if the user only has item 3 or 4 from this list, the informed map will still work on all systems. However, the user will receive an error in this section every time they insert a smart card.

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  • This version affects all versions of Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 and later versions of both powerful operating systems.


    All smart cards require additional software to run on Windows, unless they certainly include a driver that allows the user to use the card without downloading additional software. PlatformThe Windows smart card driver has been enhanced in Windows g to automatically download mini smart card drivers from Windows Update or other similar places such as the WSUS server when all smart cards are inserted into the reader. All smart cards that meet logo requirements, such as the Windows logo program, will receive this feature.

    However, if the software package required to use any smart card in Windows never has a logo or key other than a minidriver, then it is some kind of PKCS# 11 driver, CSP store, middleware or ActiveX. limitation, the automatic download option will not work as Microsoft only certifies Smart Greeting mini-drivers. Therefore, if the user enters a better card for which a custom CSP has not yet been registered, the customer will receive an error message that the smart card software driver is lost, even if the user can use the entire smart card through additional software installed by custom installation on laptop or computerUsername.


    While very good cards continue to work despite an error message greeting the user, the smart card issuer, vendor, or possibly manufacturer can use one of the following methods to resolve this error.

    Implement The Smart Card Minidriver

    How do I install smart card reader on Windows 7?

    Click Start.Right-click Computer, then click Properties.Usually, click “Device Manager” in the left pane.Double-click this smart card reader category.Double-click Embedded Smart Card Reader or Microsoft Usbccid (WUDF) Smart Card Reader.Click on the “Driver” tab and finally “Update Software”driver provisioning.

    What is smart card error?

    The text message “Smart Card Error” means that your smart card is not inserted correctly. Please mark and insert your smart card when the person’s gold chip is facing down and also follow the arrow. Adrian Bradin Brad.

    We encourage most issuers, card providers, and manufacturers to use mini-smart card drivers and participate in the Windows Logo program to take advantage of recommended platform enhancements such as plug-and-play smart card reading at the device level for smart card, then next.

    Insert NULL Smartcard Driver

    If special software such as a PKCS#11 driver, an ActiveX control or many other middleware, and a mini card driver implementation is required to promote the use of smart cards in Windows, we strongly recommend that card issuers, vendors, or names consider submitting NULL drivers – Windows Update. Typical Process Making the NULL driver available on Windows Update requires virtually every successful submission of an unclassified device through Winqual. When a mini-driver for these tarot cards becomes available in the future, the new driver may be published to Windows Update by participating in the Windows Logo Program. The NULL drivers can then be manually downloaded by end users or will most likely be made available through available updates.

    How do I disable the prompt for Please add a smart card?

    In the console tree, under Computer Configuration, click Administrative Templates. In the Requirements pane, double-click Windows Components, and then double-click Smart Card. Right-click Enable Smart Card Plug and Play Product and select Edit. Click Disabled, then click OK.

    Below is an example of a template for working effectively with NULL for a driver card.

    ;; Zero driver to install Fabrikam x86 smart card plus x64 package.;[Performance]Signature = “$Windows NT$”Class = smart cardClass Manual = 990A2BD7-E738-46c7-B26F-1CF8FB9F1391Vendor=%vendorname%catalog file=delta.catDriver Version=21.4.2006,[Creator]%ProviderName%=MiniDriver,NTamd64,NTamd64.6.1,NTx86,NTx86.6.1Driver [Minidriver.NTamd64]; It is useless for OS versions prior to Windows 7.[Minidriver.NTx86];This driver is not applicable to OS versions earlier than Windows 7.[Minidriver.NTamd64.6.1]%CardDeviceName%=Minidriver64_Install,;%CardDeviceName%=Install Minidriver64,;%carddevicename%=minidriver64_install,;…[Mi Driver.NTx86.6.1]%CardDeviceName%=Minidriver32_Install,;%CardDeviceName%=Install_Minidriver32,;%CardDeviceName%=Install_Minidriver32,;…;Leave sections below blank[Set Default][DefaultInstall.ntamd64][Default setting.NTx86][DefaultInstall.ntamd64.6.1][Default setting.NTx86.6.1][Minidriver64_Install.NT][Minidriver64_61_Install.NT][Minidriver32_Install.NT][Minidriver32_61_Install.NT][Minidriver64_61_Install.NT.Services]AddService is 0.2[Minidriver32_61_Install.NT.Services]AddService implies 2; General ================================================= ===[chains]Vendor Name = “Microsoft”CardDeviceName=”Fabrikam Universal Smart Card”

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