Troubleshooting Steps For Ogg-00663 Errors

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    It seems some readers have encountered error ogg-00663. This problem can occur for several reasons. We will review them now.


    020-06-03 12:21:09 ERROR OGG-00663 OCI ORA-00904 error: ‘INTCOL#’: patient ID (status = 904), SQLCorrect:

    error ogg-00663

    — Then I also ran these scripts and this time there was no error after returning the database:

    1. Storing an EXTRACT group in the database (in the source) results in ERROR OGG-02058 with “ARCHIVELOG mode must indeed be enabled in this Oracle database”

    GGSCI (ggsrc as [email protected]) 2> save database on request1

    error ogg-00663

    Reason: The source is a database that is not always in ARCHIVELOG mode.
    Solution: enable client base for ARCHIVELOG mode.

    SQL>EXEC DBMS_GOLDENGATE_AUTH.GRANT_ADMIN_PRIVILEGE(grantee=>’ggadmin’, permission_type=>’APPLY’, Grant_Optional_Privileges=>’*’);START DBMS_GOLDENGATE_AUTH.GRANT_ADMIN_PRIVILEGE(grant => ‘ggadmin’, type_permission => ‘APPLY’, grant_optional_privilege => ‘*’); END;*ERROR on line 1:ORA-04042 procedure, package, function or package body does not existORA-06512: with string “SYS.DBMS_XSTREAM_AUTH_IVK” 3666ORA-06512: in sentence 93 “SYS.DBMS_XSTREAM_AUTH_IVK”ORA-06512: on line 84 of SYS.DBMS_XSTREAM_AUTH_IVKORA-06512: line 123 ffile SYS.DBMS_XSTREAM_AUTH_IVKORA-06512: on SYS.DBMS_XSTREAM_AUTH_IVK, line 3649ORA-06512: on line 49 “SYS.DBMS_GOLDENGATE_AUTH”ORA-06512: from line 1

    Reason: No valid grant_Optional_privacy=>’*’ value for Privilege_type=>’APPLY’
    Workaround: run DBMS_GOLDENGATE_AUTH.GRANT_ADMIN_PRIVILEGE without “grant_Optional_privacys=>’*'” option, like DBMS_GOLDENGATE_AUTH below


    GGSCI (ggsrc as 2 > [email protected]) add scott.test transdata02/08/2020 11:38:16 AM ERROR OGG-10470 An error occurred while gathering information in the SCOTT.TEST table.ERROR: OCI error (ora status=942-ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

    Cause: The GGADMIN used does not have SELECT privilege on the TEST table.
    Workaround: Grant the GGADMIN user SELECT-On privileges on the tables by running the following command on the source database


    Add GGSCI (ggsrc as [email protected]) 2> test transdata scott.11:55:1102/08/2020 WARNING OGG-00706 Failed to add additional log group available in table scott.test due to ORA-06550: insert 1, 156:PLS-00201: column id ‘DBMS_CAPTURE_ADM’ must be declaredORA-06550: line 1 smile 156:PL/SQL: Ignored Statement SQL DECLARE save_sync varchar2(4); START by selecting dbms_xstream_gg_adm.synchronization in save_sync dual; in dbms_xstream_gg_adm.synchronization := ‘NO’; DBMS_CAPTURE_ADM.PREPARE_TABLE_INSTANTIATION(table_name => ‘”SCOTT”..”TEST”‘, Additional_Logging => ‘none’); dbms_xstream_gg_adm.synchronization: equal to save_sync; END;

    Reason: Admin rights lost for user GGADMIN
    Workaround: Run the following job on the source database


    5. The EXTRACT group entry in the database (in the source) has ERROR OGG-08221 ORA-01950 as well as ORA-06512

    GGSCI (ggsrc as [email protected]) 2> Generate Capture1 database account account report02/08/2020 1:44:41 PM ERROR OGG-08221 EXTRACT CAPTURE1 cannot be registered or unregistered due to most of the following SQL errors: OCI ORA error (status=1950-ORA-01950: invalid permissions on tablespace ‘USERS’ORA-06512: Call 764 on SYS.DBMS_STREAMS_ADM_IVKORA-06512: on line 410 of SYS.DBMS_AQADMORA-06512: only on line SYS.DBMS_AQADM_SYS 3247ORA-06512: phone line SYS.DBMS_AQADM_SYS 3774.ORA-06512: on line 88 of SYS.DBMS_AQADM_INVORA-06512: found on line 51 of SYS.DBMS_AQADM_INVORA-06512: Enter 2826 in SYS.DBMS_AQADM_SYS.ORA-06512: at line SYS.DBMS_AQADM_SYS 3543ORA-06512: from “SYS.DBMS_AQADM_SYS”, line 3225ORA-06512: in SYS.DBMS_AQADM, radius 401ORA-06512: on line 633 of SYS.DBMS_STREAMS_ADM_IVKORA-06512: with “SYS.DBMS_STREAMS_ADM”, line 269ORA-06512: on line 1).

    Reason: The user GGADMIN does not have access to the USERS tablespace
    Solution: Grant the GGADMIN user an unrestricted tablespace from all tablespaces by simply using the following command


    6. EXTRACT status of the action plan ABENDED at the source (info all). $OGG_HOME/ggserr.log shows

    22020-02-08T13:52:26.824+0100 bad selection OGG-00663 Oracle GoldenGate capture from Oracle, capture1.prm: OCI error ORA-01031: insufficient privileges (Status = 1031), SQL


    GGSCI As (ggsrc [email protected]) 2> add transaction scott.emp

    7. When running DML on the source table, the REPLICAT process symbol changed to ABENDING ERROR from OGG-01296. $OGG_HOME/ggserr.log shows

    2020-02-17T04:50:28.431+0100 WARNING OGG-01431 Oracle GoldenGate delivery for Apply2 Oracle, .prm: Batch aborted on transaction SCOTT.DEPT, allocation failed.2020-02-17T04:50:28.431+0100 WARNING OGG-01003 Oracle Delivery Goldengate for Oracle, apply2.prm: Reinstall to rba 1958 Seqno 0.2020-02-17T04:50:28.431+0100 WARNING OGG-01151 Oracle GoldenGate Delivery for Oracle, apply2.prm: Could not map SCOTT.DEPT to SCOTT.DEPT.2020-02-17T04:50:28.431+0100 ERROR OGG-01296 Oracle GoldenGate delivery for Oracle — apply2.prm: Unable to map SCOTT.DEPT to SCOTT.DEPT.2020-02-17T04:50:34.302+0100 info OGG-00987 Oracle GoldenGate command interpreter for Oracle: GGSCI command (oracle): all info.2020-02-17T04:50:34.879+0100 as per OGG-02333 Oracle GoldenGate Delivery for Oracle, apply2.prm: read /opt/oracle/product/, currently 1,958, rba 0 entries, m_file_seqno implies 0, m_file_rba = 2118.2020-02-17T04:50:34.913+0100 Error OGG-01668 Oracle GoldenGate delivery for Oracle, apply2.prm: PROCESS EVENING.

    Reason: GoldenGate cannot obtain the transaction information required for this type of transaction from the transaction records in the table.
    Workaround: run Apply trandata by source command with ggsci (as gg administrator)

    GGSCI (ggsrc) 1> user alias dblogin ggadminGGSCI (ggsrc as [email protected]) 2> consists of SCOTT.EMP transdata

    8. Error message OGG-15122 when executing the ADD TRANDATA command on the source.
    Reason: syntax error. Do not use “at the end” of this command
    Solution: close relative to ‘;’ below from command

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